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Today's Specials

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Gift Voucher 500 [PCM]

Pasha Clinic Gift Voucher worth GBP 500.00 , redeemable on : 2 PRP/PLASMA treatment plus 1 Vitamin c Injections OR Full botox and one medium peel OR 1 ml restylane filler and one medium peel 

Available: 1

You Save: £180.00

MELANOout Depigmentation Cream 30g [MCCM97]

MELANOout cream clears any pigmentation, sun spots. It rejuvunates the skin, reduces pores. Suiatable for dark and black skin. 

Available: 1

You Save: £22.40

Thread Face Lift /PDO threading

One voucher Thread face lift covers those areas: jaw line OR Cheek and sideburns OR Around lip and nasolabial region OR Eyebrow lift For full face you need to purchase 4 vouchers 

Available: 2

You Save: £276.00

Gift Voucher £850

Pasha Clinic Gift Voucher worth GBP 850.00 , redeemable on: Meleno out treatment or One area thread face lift or Threading eyebrow lift or 2 sessions full body laser hair removal 

Available: 1

£1 020.00
You Save: £480.00

Laser Hair Removal - Bikini (6 Sessions) [PCM]

Diode laser suitable for all skin type. NDYag is suitable for dark skin. 

Available: 1

You Save: £359.00

Eporex Weight Loss for one session [PCM]


Available: 2

You Save: £96.00

Eporex-Cellulite Treatment (1 Session) [PCM]

Eporex cellulite treatment is no needle mesotherapy. This offer is only for 30 minutes. You may choose whichever area you prefer. 


You Save: £96.00

Glutathion Skin Whitenning Injection(1 session) [PCM]

Glutathione is one of the strongest anti oxidant, when it is combined with Vitamin C it becomes stronger in its effect of skin rejuvenation, brightening the skin and whitening the skin. 


You Save: £180.00

Champagne peel (antiaging facial peeel) 1 session

INNOVATIVE PEELING TREATMENT: Safe, Effective, Easy, Excellent Results. Champagne is a revolutionary and intense anti-aging treatment which promises immediate results, stimulating the immune system to fight against the factors that increase the physiol 


You Save: £180.00

Vitamin Cocktail Injection for Antiageing and Scars (1 Session) [PCM]


Available: 5

You Save: £156.00

Laser Hair Removal - Full body female (6 Sessions) [PCM]

Full body includes face, under arms,full arms. full legs, full bikini. 

Available: 1

£2 652.00
£1 198.80
You Save: £1 453.20

Eporex-Vitamin C or Glutathion Full Facial [PCM]

The best anti ageing Application of Vitamin C or Glutathion with ultrasonic activity on the skin prepares you for sunny summers. Cleans Protects Rejuvenates Reduces dark eye circle 


You Save: £28.00

Eporex-Stretch Marks Treatment (1 Session )(PCM]

Stretch mark treatment with Eporex is no needle mesotherapy. This offer only covers one area. Result changes from person to person. Success rate is very high. 

Available: 3

You Save: £449.00

Dermal Roller/DERMAPEN Treatment (1 Session) [PCM]

Treatment of old acne scars, operation scars, lines wrinkles, saggy skin, large ppors... You may need 1-5 sessions. 

Available: 3

You Save: £150.00

Anal bleaching Whitening Peel for Perianal area (2 Sessions)

Whitening peel for perianal area, under arms, neck, inner thigh,genital area. It is suitable for all skin types. You need 2 vouchers for inner thigh. You may purchase more than one voucher. 


You Save: £114.00

Botox Per Area [PCM]

One are botox can be used between eyebrow or above lip or corner of lip or neck you need 2 vouchers to cover forehead. you need 2 vouchers to cover around eyes you need 5 vouchers to cover full botox. 

Available: 3

You Save: £120.00

Gift Voucher £125

Pasha Clinic Gift Voucher worth GBP 125.00 , redeemable on: 1 session of microdermabrasion or 1 session any eporex treatment or 1 session any peel 


You Save: £120.00


Perlane is similar to restylane but bigger molecules. It is to give more volume to cheeks or nasolabial lines. It can also be used at the areas where you need large volume filler needed. 

Available: 1

You Save: £93.00

Eporex-Tired and Puffy Eyes treatment (1 Session) [PCM]


Available: 1

You Save: £66.00

Botox Treatment full botox [PCM]

Full botox includes between eyebrow, forehead, around eyes. Botox relaxes the muscles to prevent lines wrinkles due to fascial expressions. It has no effect on skin quality. It takes to weeks to see the final result. Top up appointment 2 weeks after the 


You Save: £210.00

Restylane Filler Treatment (1ml) [PCM]

1 ml filler is is enough for lip augmentation. It may be enough for nasolabial line. You need consultation for definite amount needed. 

Available: 2

You Save: £246.00

Skin Tag Removal (Single Treatment) [PCM]

small skin tags or red marks, brown tags.. email us the picture picture of the tag before purchasing the treatment 

Available: 2

You Save: £106.00

Laser Hair Removal - FACE (6 Sessions) [PCM]

Suitable for light and very dark skin. Diode and Ndyag laser avaliable. You will need patch test before the treatment 

Available: 4

£1 128.00
You Save: £948.00