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Just had my 1st dermapen treatment at MCCM with Kayleigh. I've had dermarollers with local anaesthestic before but dermapen is more comfortable and penetrates the skin more effectively, especially the narrower areas around nose bridge & upper lip. I'm redder than after dermaroller, showing deeper treatment with the dermapen. Kayleigh applied plenty local anaesthetic & vitamin C plus collagen to penetrate, so I'm really looking forwards to plumper, line-free, scar-free, even complexion in weeks!!
Date of Posting: 24 Aug 2013Posted by: Paul L
I had 3 microdermabrasions at the MCCM clinic and was very impressed with the professionally and hygienically executed treatments and the clean environment. The results were great. I received very positive comments about my clear skin. I really can recommend this clinic without hesitation.
Date of Posting: 11 Aug 2013Posted by: Simone
i had purchased 3 derma roll sessions and used 2 only. last one i postponed for more than couple of months. when i booked myself appt i was pleasantly surprised that instead of derma roll i received derma pen treatment.for no extra charge! my skin is very problematic. D-r Cargin needs a magic wand to make the scars diasppear but the derma pen was amazing. it was less painful, quicker, more intensive on my skin and afterall the result was much,much better than dermaroll. i love Pasha clinic
Date of Posting: 31 Jul 2013Posted by: p d
Staff professional and friendly and treat clients with respect. Highly recommend. The NdYag laser treatment has worked very well for me thus far.
Date of Posting: 25 Jun 2013Posted by: Judy
So far I have had 6 sessions at Pasha Clinic mayfair for a full face laser and the result is perfect, I am really delighted with the results i have so far, I have been to so many other places before Pasha clinic but it was a waste of time. All the thick hair i used to have has gone really thin now.. i am really impressed.. I still have 5 more to go :):).. Overall with the staff and results everything is all great I definitely recommend this place to everyone. :)
Date of Posting: 8 May 2013Posted by: ZELIHA KILIC
Great offers and prices.I am addicted to this site now.
Date of Posting: 28 Feb 2013Posted by: Betul
I've been going for my botox and fillers for a couple of years now, and I've never had a bad thought about them.To be honest,i can afford my procuders mainly because of the fantastic deals on team are great and Dr. Kargin always makes me feel at ease throughout the whole procedure.I am fussy client and this is only the place and team i completely trust! Follow up is just as good - always good to see how much they care about patients. Thanks to everyone at Pasha Clinic
Date of Posting: 27 Feb 2013Posted by: Vasileva
the staff in the clinic are very professional and friendly. Impressive place, every one is so helpful and the treatments are fairly priced and great .. i give them an overall 5
Date of Posting: 28 Jan 2013Posted by: Taz
I am impressed with this new site.Bought my deal on tuesday and got appointment and job done on thursday! brilliant!What is even better than the bargain prices is the customer care and genuin concern. I got proper consultation, everything was explained to me and i was adviced what will be best.The personal touch is something we dont get nowadays in most clinics. Masny thanks to Dr. Kargin and the clinic team.
Date of Posting: 3 Jan 2013Posted by: Vasileva
The Pasha Clinic was introduced to me via Nectar with a special offer on a chemical peel which I booked via an email. On arrival at the clinic, which I found the staff extremely friendly and welcoming. I was greeted by Kayleigh who after a consultation advised me not to have the chemical peel as my skin was very delicate but to have a course of Eporex Mesotheraphy Anti-Ageing treatments over 6 appointments, I've also had Regen Radio frequency. I would def recommend Pasha Clinic. Most welcoming
Date of Posting: 3 Dec 2012Posted by: R Barrett