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MELANOout Depigmentation Cream 30g [MCCM97]
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MELANOout Depigmentation Cream 30g [MCCM97]

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The MELANOout System is a cosmetic programme formulated to attenuate and to eliminate coetaneous spots of melanic origin located at epidemical level.


  • 1 MELANOout Mask 15 gr.
  • 1 vial of salicylic acid 10 ml
  • 1 vial of degreasing solution 10 ml
  • 1 MELANOout cream 30 gr.
  • 1 Hydraface 50 ml


Perform a cleansing and toning of the skin using Cleansing Milk and Facial Tonic Mesosystem, with a compress of gauze to remove the impurities.
After cleaning and invigorating the skin, apply the degreasing solution Mesosystem to remove the grease in the skin.
Next, apply the vial of salicylic acid that prepares the skin to receive the MELANOout Mask, harnessing all its benefits.
Apply the MELANOout Mask with exfoliating properties that must be placed during a certain period in accordance with the skins phototype and the nature of the spots. During this period the patient may experience different sensations, such as heat or tingle.


  • Phototype I and II - 4 hours
  • Photoype III and IV - 5-8 hours
  • Phototype V and VI - 9-12 hours

The MELANOout Mask must be applied through soft movementsusing a brush or a spatula. Cover the entire surface.
The application initiates in the forehead, following the contours of the face, the central zone of the face and finally the zone of the beard.
The mask should be exposed according the skins phototype. At the end of the number of hours recommended, remove the product with cold water, following it the application of Hydraface, which is a moisturising and nutritive cream indicated for all the type of dehydrated skins that increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

The second phase of MELANOout System consists of the application of the maintenance cream called MELANOOut Cream, whose purpose is to promote the bleaching. MELANOout Cream is a bleaching cream formulated to attenuate and to eliminate coetaneous spots of melanic origin located at the epidemical level.

Apply the MELANOout Cream uniformly three times a day during the first week, after the application of the MELANOout Mask. It is advisable morning, afternoon and night.
From the 2nd week apply MELANOout Cream twice a day. After the third week apply the MELANOout Cream once a day, during one year to get and to keep the intended results.
It is advisable the use of Pantalla Mesosystem to guarantee an excellent protection front the rays UVA/UVB and the use of Hydraface Mesosystem, that is endowed with moisturising and anti-radicals properties, mitigating the possible dehydration effect of the MELANOout cream.

We can alternate the Hydraface cream with the use of Antiageing Mesosystem to provide essential elements for promoting the natural defence and healing properties of the skin.


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